This Lens Ain't Nikon This Lens Ain't Canon

I am Kane.
I am young, but I do not feel it.
That said, I do not feel old.
It is more like exhaustion. My age responds to my work.

I am a student who works, but cannot stop seeing myself as aworker who studies.

My list of loves is long, topped by music, and nature.
I cannot mention the word love without seeing her; my exfiancé.
Maybe that is a reason I feel old. I don’t know.
I hate it sometimes, but it happened. I have no regrets.

My favorite foods are traditional ramen, brownies, andchicken-parmesan.
Though, nothing can beat a starburst when I’m stoned.
I loathe the negative associations marijuana has.
Smoking a joint is less harmful than electing a president.

The world today is a poor place,
With too much misery to be ignorant to.
For this reason I became an activist.
I try to fight for and defend the rights of all in myability
Sometimes I think I am a naïve child.

I have an addiction, many, but my worst are coffee andcigarettes.
I hate when people tell me it is bad.
“I can read the box,” I think, “Piss off.”
I know they are bad, but they bring a peace of mind.

I hate technology but I could not live without it.
I stream music by the gigabyte, and fill my eyes and earswith Japanese cartoons, facebook feeds, and news stories.

I’m a very observant person, watching, breaking down, andpredicting society and social patterns is a guilty pleasure turned career.
It used to be therapy, but I talked to a lot of people, andI was too young.
Now it exhausts me,

I’d say I’m social,
I’d also say people piss me off.
Not a day goes by where I do not imagine smashing someone’snose
Or dropping a bow on someone’s face.

I hate clothes, but I dress well.
If I have to wear them, I mine as well look nice.
One day I’ll have a house, and I’ll spend my mornings naked
Drinking coffee, reading the news, and smoking cigarettes infresh air.
They should only be smoked in fresh air

Maybe I’ll have a wife? Girlfriend, significant other, allterms that apply
She’ll have a big booty. I love booty.
I love to see that fat ass shake in a sundress, in anightgown, jeans. It don’t matter.
I wanna stare at it, jiggle it. Just play with it.
I’ll be like a deer in headlights to the world’s best booty.

I have an affinity for rooftops and water.
My favorite places to be are on the roof of a house, a tallbuilding.
The slanted ones are fun, there is more risk.
And water is divine.

The world is poor.
Collectively, it seems beyond repair. There’s so many
I’m starting to lose hope we can fix them
If there’s no humanity left, how can humanity possibly win?
After all, this world is a game for the elite.

I’m shameless. I want to blame the Internet
But it takes two to tango, and I am much more than willing.

I love sex.
I love to be in that compromising position, to be rough,ecstasy
Is it right? It could be wrong… but it feels good.
The rush. It’s like injecting yourself with coffee, andsunshine.

It’s 8:40 AM
I have to go to work.
Gotta work to live.
Overworked, underpaid, got to love capitalism.

My name is Kane. It’s 2014.

Today at work some guy was shitting on my mustache to my coworkers. I never saw him, sadly. But apparently I was told to go back to France.
Fuck you, guy. #MUSTACHIONALISM!

Words do not explain the success of this. #squirrel

"Should I go! Should I go!"
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Not so private private time.
#dark #lowsaturation #saturation #blackandwhite #hands #fingers #ear #nose #potd

And then it began with a sinful heart, a scornful stare, and the carrying on of a son meant for elsewhere.

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